Becoming vegetarian despite myself

Becoming vegetarian despite myself

A fashionable subject, a subject of society, a new way of life, which I admit does not really concern me. You know, I was born in the country with grandparents raising chickens, ducks, turkeys, pigeons, rabbits and all their mates. They often feed them with zucchinis that come from their garden. So it’s true for me to eat organic, green, healthy meat, taking care of animals is something that I was raised with. And for me a beautiful meat like that, it is respected by eating it. And it’s good. So yes, I love meat and in my life I never told myself that I wanted to become vegetarian by principle, by envy, by movement of peace towards animals. It’s not in my education and I like it too much.

When I started traveling with Flora, I had to say goodbye to granny’s meat and discover that there were many and many and many chickens in Asia. And not necessarily the one that looks like living in the farm of my grandmother … so after a while the chicken became less sexy and less good. By necessity, with a Flora next to me who loves vegetables and who wants to become a vegetarian, I started to try other dishes with more and more vegetables.

A few months later, I came back to say hello in France. Of course, I threw myself onto the good French “saucisson” but I realized that I saturated much faster. I am saturating with a good bib, with saucisson? I was shocked! In fact I did not enjoy eating 1/3 of what I could eat with pleasure before …I finally went back to India to do my yoga teacher training with Flora. We had a totally vegetarian month. That worried me a lot at first because of the fear of deficiencies, of being hungry. Then the fact of eating actual vegetables, that does not fascinate me and besides that  it makes you fart. Nothing sexy…

In fact it was a nice surprise , the vegetarian cuisine was excellent and so varied. I was not bored at all and I was more like a child who discovers that vegetables are good.

Vegetarian dishes 🙂

No lack on the horizon and especially a real pleasure of eating vegetable- more than that- to savor it. However, I maintained the embargo on cauliflower. So because I’m stubborn, I decided to go outside and order bacon to test … I LOVE bacon. Comfortably sat, with my view of the sea I am about to enjoy this little smoked bacon slices straight from the kitchen and … I found it very hard palate, heavy in my stomach. Pfff, it put me into a rage but I had to give up and not finish these poor little slices of bacon at the risk of throwing up.

We are two months later and I still do not feel like eating meat … just a little fish from time to time it makes me happy but I must also say that was not used to eat a lot of fish before. For me it’s a real questioning. Sometimes I feel like I’m vegetarian in spite of myself. I can see it, the meat tries to dump me discreetly … So, I resist because I do not want to become vegetarian but something inside me it moves slowly towards that.

I knew that the trip would change my life in many ways, but I was far from imagining that it would change my diet, my taste for certain foods and my passion for meat. While becoming a vegetarian is a real trend and the lifestyle of the moment, I find myself in this movement despite myself. But it’s also part of the trip: to discover and accept the new self that I discover every day a little more including the fact that I’m leaving my saucisson passion for a carrot passion …

With Love,


Chickens in Asia. This is where my relationship with meat really began to change. I was seeing these chickens in the streets, there, in front of me, weakling and in poor health understanding that this thing was going to end in my body. Not sexy. Then I got tired of making chicken fit every occasion and pork was not my favorite thing also. Me too, I had never really wanted to be vegetarian before but when I see the impact that our meat consumption has on our land and on animals I could not keep the same pace. Between chicken overdose and green awareness the idea started to make its way …

many many many chickens

It was when I returned to my parents’ home this summer that I noticed the difference. Before, I could eat a whole duck breast without problem, rare please! But this summer I could not do it anymore, 2,3 slices were enough to satisfy me. The most surprising thing is that I did not really enjoy it anymore, I didn’t want it. I just wanted vegetables!! You want vegetables? You got them.  Before I didn’t like it too much, but I suddenly drool over to cook myself a zucchini or find a recipe with my leftovers (and make my family happy with it) (under the half-astonished look of my mother who still has not integrated that, YES! I love vegetables Mom!). Then I also discovered that tofu is not that infamous white thing but it can be nice when it’s marinated and smoked. Of course I have been eating meat from time to time, the one coming from the farm or small butcher of my country and I enjoyed the meal because it was there in front of me, cooked with care or grilled from small branches of the vines of the garden (it’s so good, the barbecue with sarment).

good BBQ

Today, I can’t say that I am really vegetarian and besides I don’t care about labels. I just want to eat less meat because I care about the planet. With the travel, we become even more aware of the damage of pollution, far from our sanitized cities. Maybe this will gradually imply that I’m not eating meat anymore, and why not?

Finally, rediscovering his diet, changing habits may seem hard, but I took it as a game, both for my consumption of meat, for my consumption of sugars and fats. Since I’m interested in all of that, I feel much better knowing what I put in my body and my palate is becoming aware of products of quality day by day. I am amazed at myself not to crack for super sweet cakes or industrial candies that I loved so much before. Vegetarianism is a path that I take little by little, naturally. But also, in a comprehensive approach,I am bringing to my body and my mind healthy food and as much as possible ;food coming directly from the earth. And when we start to do that, we really feel the difference.



* Flora’s update after Christmas holidays: On Christmas, we cracked for this beautiful ham straight from the oven. I loved ! It was grilled, melting, and it didn’t look like an animal but rather a pink thing that smells good. But then it weighed in my stomach, my digestion gave everything for about 24 hours, and I dreamed only of one thing; to chew in a fresh cucumber.

* Laura’s update: This year we spent Christmas far from the traditional family turkey. Nevertheless, the ham was still there and the friends came with meat for our small shared buffet. And of course all these little dishes had been prepared with a lot of love, so it was impossible for me not to taste, especially since the cooking was done by Argentineans. The curiosity, the enthusiasm of the evening, the politeness and the sharing wins and I ate meat. It was good but so heavy! To be honest I felt that inside me it wasn’t feeling right. Nevertheless, my dear friends, this acknowledgement is stronger on each occasion … without knowing why it bothers me more and more inside to eat meat. F***, I am becoming vegetarian.

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