Discover the Cranio Sacral in India, a therapy like no other

Discover the Cranio Sacral in India, a therapy like no other

For those who are just starting to discover me, you should know that I am a great curious of all the alternative therapies that can exist on this earth. I love the idea of taking the human in his oneness: his mind, his heart, his emotions, his physical and even his energetic aspect and help him get better or just stay well. Feel good, in his whole being. I also like the idea of discovering how around the world humans have chosen to do it. For me it’s always a little bit magical and always such an experience. And of course, the Cranio Sacral was one of these surprising experiences. The changes on myself were amazing. That was for teasing you…

I discovered the Cranio Sacral, during my Yoga Teacher Training in India, at Ashiyana. This place where I did my training was offering a range of different kind of therapies regarding personal development and alternative care.
When I went through the list of available treatments, I was immediately attracted by this therapy: Cranio Sacral. Since a year I was feeling like trying but I never had a chance to do it. I immediately felt this call inside me that told me it was the right time, the right person and the right place to try this experience. So I took my appointment and I was not disappointed.

I arrived without knowing what exactly Cranio Sacral was. When I have too much informations about something, my head begins to imagine a lot of things, to project on what will happen and I always lose a chance to let myself be surprised. So I learnt to go to these therapies a little more blindly.

D-Day, Renita, an Indian woman greets me in a cute little room. I admit it, I am nervous. She doesn’t really explain to me what will happen. She asks me why I am here. I tell her that, since I am 12 years old I am very tight with my hips and my shoulders and not flexible at all. This situation doesn’t seem to change despite all the stretches I’ve been doing for months, even years. So my conclusion is that it’s not just physical, for me there’s something impalpable, something else I’d like to explore, something energetic.
She nods, seeming to understand something that I do not know myself. Then she makes me lie down on the massage table. I kept my clothes. I admit that in these moments I always stress and I wonder what awaits me. Part of me already knows that it will be uncomfortable and that it will not hurt me up, another is always excited about the changes to come.
I breathe a good shot and here I am on my table ready to receive my healing session. Renita starts by just touching my feet, very slightly, she barely move them. But the result on me is strong. I have the sensation that it triggers a movement inside me. I have the feeling that she moves up and down liquids all over my body to my head. At this moment, I know, I understand that this session will be intense for me…

I spend 1:30 in another world. Absolutely incoherent images invade me. Emotions rise inside me: fear, terror, panic, anger overwhelm me and swallow me for a moment to completely disappear the one after. I have visions of myself dying in different ways. I drown, they kill me, they pull me away, they tear my spine off. I see all these things, I really feel like I am there but I’m as anesthetized and I can’t feel the pain of those moments (and that’s good!),but I am feeling the emotions, they are going through me right now. I feel like being massaged from the inside, to be stretched deep while Renita barely touches me. She goes from my feet, to my head and my pelvis moving each of them every time a few millimeters only. It seems curious but yes, the proof is there in my feelings. Time disappears. I no longer have any notion of it -1 minute or an hour – I am unable to say how long I have been lying down. I feel that there is a big cleansing done inside me. I am losing my bearings, my head wonders what happens to me, I try to move away this question because I know I would have no answer. I learnt not to ask too much about what I see or feel during a treatment because I know it’s beyond my comprehension. What happens in the subconscious is so large, far away and incomprehensible to the conscious that I’m just trying to focus on the outcome

I feel everything in my body, I’m half there and half somewhere else. At this moment, I feel the pressure of Renita’s hand. It is the end. I’m dizzy, I can hear her telling me that it was very powerful, that there was a big cleaning (no kidding?). She adds: this therapy suits me and we can still clean things according to her. I can come back when I want to finish the job. She tells me to even not think about doing something today . Just sleep. I nod and leave.

When I come back to my room, I am rinsed, emptied, exhausted, I fly. I feel good, but I feel like someone has stretched the muscles so deeply inside me that I really feel like I’ve been massaged when she barely touches me. I’m too dizzy anyways, to have an opinion on this session except that it was something.

We are 48 hours later, it is 7 am and it’s time for our morning yoga session. The sun salutations starts, and I am surprised to be able to lean forward and almost touch my toes! Me who could barely touch my knees, I cannot believe it! I am pleased to see that my pelvis is able to move much more than before. My pelvis was completely blocked for years has just been unblocked giving me possibilities of movements that I definitely had not before. Even the teacher does not understand what is happening … he comes to see me at the end of the session asking me what happened between yesterday and today to have such a change? I then explain to him excited that I did a Cranio Sacral session with Renita. His face lights up and he says, “Oh, I understand. She’s good huh? “Hell yeah!

On my way back to my room, I cannot help it, I stop again and I’m glad to see my body making movements that were impossible before. I don’tt need much more to decide to have another session soon, the results are there!

In total, I’m going to do 3 sessions with Renita and they will all going to be powerful. They will all be different but each one of them will be a true journey of a strong intensity. My ribcage opens a little more and my hips too. I will continue to travel in worlds that look like dreams, during all these sessions. To be honest, during the session I saw strange things: a lot of images of violence, deaths, and even rape. I don’t know where it comes from. Perhaps it’s from my unconsciousness that has absorbed over the years, perhaps according to some these pictures will belong to past lives. Regardless, I stay on what it brought me, an impression of recovering parts of me and having them cleaned and which were inaccessible before to me.

I write this article a few months later, and my body is still open, my hips widen and even my ribcage seems more imposing, which is strange for me who has always this feeling of being frail.

In a few days we will be at Bali Spirit Festival, there will be a offer of a large number of therapies, I hope I can try the Cranio Sacral again but this time with a new person. I think it is a therapy that works very well on me and that I appreciate, I would like to see what is going to be the difference 6 months later. I tell you about it quickly 🙂
With love,

*Note for Alternative Therapies: Sometimes there are more effective therapies on me than others, sometimes there are more effective therapists on me than others, sometimes there are days when I decide to be more effective with me than others. I invite you to try for yourself, to make your own idea, your experiences, it will always be different from mine. Try even several times or at different times as things change. We change, we evolve. I only share my experiences and my feelings here and this is my own responsibility. The terms and explanations may not always be technically good and I’m sorry but I always speak from my own point of view. All that I do for me through these therapies is only for me and I invite you to take your own responsibility in the choices you make. It’s about your life, your mind, your heart, your emotions, your body, your energy and no one knows better than you what’s good for you. If you want to try do it, if you do not want to do it, follow your intuition because whatever happens in the end it is always you who will benefit or pay the consequences of your actions.


Note: all our articles are translated by us. We are still learning so please be indulgentJ.  We wanted this website bilingual to share our adventures with everybody. Also, feel free to tell us our mistake to improve the quality of the article.

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