The inspirational ITW : Charlotte a sweden yoga teacher in Bali

The inspirational ITW : Charlotte a sweden yoga teacher in Bali

Charlotte is one of our favorite teachers since we started yoga. She’s the one who made us discover the chakra flow yoga. We loved her ability to link psychology, science and spirituality to understand the world of yoga in a different way and be more aware during a class. We loved that she could lead a challenging class for the body and others more relaxing. She is a teacher with a strong character who always gives you words full of wisdom.

Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Charlotte I am 36 years old and I live in Bali. Born in Sweden, I lived all my adult life in the south west of France and has been teaching yoga for 4 years.

What yoga do you teach and why?

I have a traditional training of classical yoga and nowadays I teach from this vision, different styles of yoga. Mostly, my morning classes are dynamic- vinyassa style- and the courses later in the day are more calming for the nervous system with some yin yoga.


How / when did you discover yoga?

I do not really remember when I discovered yoga but I started practicing a little over 10 years ago. I started with a book at home.


What do you like in yoga?

This is a philosophy of life. No matter where you come from, what are your spiritual beliefs or culture, yoga is not an obstacle.

What is your own philosophy of yoga?

I am the sum of all my past experiences. Whether it’s benefits for me or challenges, that’s what makes me who I am. I do with this fact to evolve afterwards.

 What was your path to become a yoga teacher? Did you have another job before?

Initially, I have a degree of psychologist and then I went to the business area with a master’s degree in Human Resources. For several years, I worked in this area before returning to the sources. Then I did my yoga teacher training at the Yoga Institute of Mumbai, in their ashram located in the north of Thailand.


 What is your personal yoga practice?

It is very important to keep a routine when you teach. I start my day at 5am to have enough time for my own practice (asana and meditation) and my morning routine. I then try to go to class three or four times a week if it’s possible.


What determines a good yoga teacher?

A good yoga teacher teaches what is true for himself. Like any other profession where it’s a matter of transmitting knowledge, the yoga teacher gives his total presence and teaches with care. Also, a good yoga teacher doesn’t pretend to know everything. We are all learning in life and we must all be humble in front of each person.


If you had one tip to give to a beginner?

Two things: to be compassionate with yourself. It doesn’t help to set goals too high because you will be discouraged and stop. Also, we don’t practice for a result. Forget it right now. Your practice is your result. As soon as you remove the pressure of wanting to get something, you will see the magic begins.

If you have one tip to give to a future yoga teacher?

All that glitters is not gold. Choose carefully the path you wish to take. There is a multitude of training these days and often it’s smoke and mirrors.


Why do you want to be a yoga teacher?

For me the most important is to practice yoga for yourself, to understand who you are in this world, to find an answer to your own spiritual search. It does only when the training is first a personal path that you will really integrate it.

What do you find difficult in yoga?

Like any discipline, sometimes we loose our bearings. We ask to ourself why we are doing what we are doing, where we are doing, for what? (in the end, the end of the suffering). What is difficult in these moments is to keep the objective in mind and to continue, to practice despite a drop in morale etc. – How do you prepare your classes, where do you find inspiration? Through the yoga sutras of Patanjali, everyone’s everyday questions, life 🙂

– A Yogi’s tip to share?

Everything is constantly changing and you can’t do anything about it. Accept, let go and let the universe bring you where you should go.

A mantra to share?

As I mostly have an activity here in Bali in English, I give you my favorite mantra that I use : “I allow myself to rise” –

Where to follow your yogi adventures?

Through social networks and to be simple it’s the same name everywhere: Yogi Cha (Facebook, Instagram and website). Currently I prepare my Youtube tutorials so I will communicate later. You can already go to her page:



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