Turkish Airlines, best affordable company?

Turkish Airlines, best affordable company?

Planes I took, companies I tried. Air France, British Airways Malaysia Airlines or Ethiad, none has conquered my heart despite of their good reputation. During one of my flight from Paris to Bangkok, I tested Turkish Airlines, and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the service! When I take a plane ticket, I usually go for the cheapest. But within reason! I know how much traveling and changing country is tiring (on long journeys), so I always try to minimize the total duration of the trip. I much prefer to “sacrifice” 100 € rather than make 2/3 stopovers and 4 days of travel!

For my flight:

Paris – Istanbul> 1h15 stopover> Bangkok. 17h total flight and only 1h15 waiting. 1h15 it is finally very short for a stopover, because often the airports are big (especially the one of Istanbul!) and the next plane is of course at the other end of the terminal. On this flight, I still ran a little and I was a little stressed for fear of missing my plane N°2 but it was unnecessary since the company expects its passengers! I was happy to not have waited 6 hours.

The place

I found the seats rather cozy. The head supports are equipped with “ledges” that avoid you to fall on your neighbor while sleeping or not to wake up because our head cannot hold all alone. And that is cool. As in most aircraft we have a footrest in front of us, but you know what? this one is a special one! It has THE detail that changes everything … the one that we (I?) dream of each flight…A massage function of the arches! Do not get too excited, it’s not a push button, but only the ability to roll the support under your feet. Well, I can tell you it’s heaven. In the air, the legs quickly tend to swell and this massage option radically relieves your sore feet. It was delicious. (Yes, I’m not exaggerating).

The welcoming

Once properly sat in the air, hostesses and stewards are giving out small warm towels to refresh and clean our hands. After several hours spent in the airport lifting suitcases and passing security checks, this attention is very pleasant. And above all, it means that we will shortly going to eat … and me it makes me twice happy: D

The staff

What often spoils my personal note about the airlines is the friendliness of the staff. With Ethiad, for example, kindness and a smile are two completely banned options. On my flight, I found the staff very polite, attentive and very smiling. From my opinion it makes the flight much more comfortable because we know we can ask anything without feeling like the most pain in the ass of the earth. “Could I have an 8th glass of water please?”

The F & B *

THE moment you have been waiting for! Do not pretend that it’s not true, I know it. I don’t know if it comes from my french blood, but the probability that my flight goes well is based on 50% of what will enter (or not) in my stomach. And on this point, I was totally seduced by Turkish Airlines! Oh yes, totally. I have never had the chance to go to Turkey (Aline, I still believe it, we’ll go!) but I already know that the kitchen is just fabulous. This is already confirmed on my small meal tray.

1 – because the menu offer is original, fresh and healthy

 2- because it’s good. Like really good.

Of course, each company makes its meal trays based on its own products and specialties (I remember eating ice cream in a plane for Miami, ahah) and so that’s probably why I was a fan of my meal tray made of Mediterranean cuisine and composed with products that I love (big up to my friends feta and humus)

Nevertheless, what really made the difference on this menu is the way the dishes were cooked. We often find ourselves with dishes too salty or tasteless, food-plastic or stuff super fat and not all digestible. Well here it’s the opposite. It’s subtle, fresh, light but consistent and above all gourmet. If the main course is very simple, it’s reassuring because you are sure to love every time. And then there are little extras like feta (yes I really like feta) or small olives or dessert. Also, everything is super well presented, in black compartments that make the meal tray looking good and appetizing. No, but it’s true, it’s important for the food to be visual !

I found that the offer of drinks was also great, especially with the “homemade lemonade with fresh mint”. A drink that already has the merit of being “homemade” (if I looked well, it is not industrial) and is not too sweet (rare species in planes, except water). Even though I’m still looking for fresh mint, I found the drink very refreshing and original.

They also offered a “special kids”; a sweet cocoa milk with date syrup … I will test it on my return flight 😉

To finish with the praise F & B, I also enjoyed the traditional snack that companies offers. It is simply unsalted / unsweetened nuts and a small bottle of water. A perfect snack for those who like to eat a little healthy. We know that it is very important to hydrate ourselves as much as possible in the plane because we lose a lot of minerals during a flight, and very few companies offer bottles of water (except in business class of course). However, I find that this is essential to encourage people to hydrate continuously rather than get up, step over his neighbor who sleeps his mouth open or call the hostess a thousand times to get a glass of water that you will drink in 3 seconds! (I saw,you have already given up drinking water).


Again, I was surprised. Excepting a narrow cabin, I opened the door and Surprise! A much larger room, with a large mirror and a range of products that smell good: olive oil soap, hand cream and refreshing lemon spray (ideal if you have the impression that your neighbor took off his shoes after 78 hours of trekking). After 17 hours of travel, believe me you appreciate this effort to keep you fresh and pretty as if you had just start to travel.

The multimedia offer

What I really like about the multimedia offer is the effort made when selecting movies. I found films like Lalaland or Fantastic Beasts while their release was very recent. There were so many good movies that it took me a long time to decide. On the other hand, the offer of series and – especially – the proposal of subtitles were not very developed. Indeed, it was almost impossible to find subtitles in French and languages ​​other than English and Turkish (and I had not revised my Turkish). So for those who are not comfortable with English, I think it squanders the pleasure of having access to good movies. (I admit, I was disappointed not to watch Kung Fu Panda 3 in French Ahah). The musical offer is rather good, but in this matter Air France holds the palm.

The bonuses

And finally, I’m talking about the content of the famous little kit graciously offered. Here again, I enjoyed both the container and the content. The format is quite small and simple (black) and the accessories are very well thought: besides earplugs, night mask and toothbrush (black, fannncy), you also get slippers (black) that we generally receives in hotels and hot anti-slip (black) shoes. I found the idea of ​​hotel slippers very convenient because it is always annoying to put on your sneakers or complicated sandals to go to the bathroom. And since I’m not a big fan of walking barefoot or in socks in the bathroom, I find the option very accommodating.



Well, you know everything about Turkish Airlines and this wonderful flight with them! Finally the ride went smoothly, quickly, and I felt cool and ready to face the jungle of Bangkok.




* This article has not been sponsored by Turkish Airlines, I just really liked my flight 🙂

* F & B (* Food and Beverage)

* For I do-not-know-what reasons, I did not take the flight back…


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