Personal development, yes but at what price?

Personal development, yes but at what price?

Life coach, hypnosis, lithotherapy, meditation, mindfulness, yoga, kinesiology, Reiki, Hoponopono, energetic, shaman, binder, canalization, holotropic breathing and so on … everywhere in the world alternative therapies grow like little mushrooms in Limousin. And in Limousin mushrooms grow very fast. Times have changed since our grandparent’s time, those who knew the world wars, those who had to survive, more than live. This survival mode of our grandparents is far from us now. We want more in our lives than survive, we also want to live fully, enjoy our lives. Having a financial security, a job, a family is not enough anymore. More and more of us are starting to really listen to ourselves from an emotional, mental point of view, to respect our body and this listening goes deeper and deeper, we hear this little voice, that one of our dreams. Thus, the malaise, the questions are treated more than with a doctor or a psychanalyst, it goes much further. It goes also in other aspects of the Being, a new filed of exploration appeared with the development of alternatives therapies and it opened to all new perspectives and news tools to cure

Inner explorations from a monkey perspective
Inner explorations from a monkey perspective

I find it awesome that more and more people are turning to themselves looking for ways to understand each other. I think it’s great that so many people are willing to help us to do it, it’s wonderful until …. what the business model and marketing is doing.  Some healers value their work on the quality of the liberations that they did and then justify their prices like that. We are starting to use the vulnerability of those who are in demand to create an addiction in therapies to make more money. We explode the price of retreats because we propose a villa with swimming pool. The therapists smile at you and tell you that they would love to continue the work you started with and the price of a session is beyond comprehension.

An American marketing drift justifying the quality of the work of a practitioner by an exorbitant price is slowly becoming a normality. The valuation by money? I say no.

In France and many other countries, an hour of so-called alternative therapy will cost you between 60 and 100 euros per hour. In small towns, you may be able to get by for 40 euros per hour. From time to time, you can even find people who are willing to trade and help you for free. I was lucky at the beginning of my quest that one of these people took me under his wing and taught me a lot and I am very grateful. So, far from me the idea of ​​putting everyone in the same basket, I would just like to mention one aspect of the market of alternative medicines and its excesses.

I also want to say that I am not a supporter of: “It should be free; this person uses a gift”. On top of that, I have a firm stance that is to say: all of us have qualities, abilities and use for others – especially in the field of holistic – should not be free or only if the person the decides. An artist makes his paintings pay, a musician his compositions, an accountant his figures, so why not those who develop care from their energies? We all live in this world and one of the essential resources to live well here is money. What is the point of a tired and stressed therapist because he cannot makes finish the month worriless? Where will he find the quiet space inside him that will help you, give you the energy you need to move forward?

Now I would like to talk about the drift of this. I’ve had the opportunity for 5 years to test I would say at least 80 different therapists, and try as many personal, spiritual, holistic development tools or any other names that resonate the most inside of you. The human is my passion. I love to understand how we operate, to see how we can evolve and this in all our dimensions. It gives me pleasure to devote myself to this quest. In my life, I have made the most of this precious resource, the time to do it. So, I travel today in the world, continuing to discover the tools that allow us to connect to who we really are and to embrace it totally. The second indispensable resource for doing this is money. You must invest financially for your evolution. And that’s where it gets complicated.

It’s hard enough to realize that there are things to change within yourself, to make the decision to do it, to find someone who can help you, to find the time to do it. do it and in addition you have to spend a lot of money. The brakes for self development are there.

Sometimes it's no more expensive than a blanket and a sunset to cure ;)
Sometimes it’s no more expensive than a blanket and a sunset to cure 😉

I had the opportunity to do the Bali Spirit festival in Bali this year. An incredible experience that I recommend to all those who wish to live a holistic adventure. This is a week totally devoted to so-called alternative therapies, yoga, meditation, music. This festival is concrete, experience, it is a gold mine in terms of resources in addition to be a giant workshop where you can discover many tools that can help you lighten up and evolve. In addition, there are many ways to access this festival without breaking the bank, but we’ll talk to you soon. In short, there, I met great therapists, who made me curious to go further. Who I feel could have helped me transform things and many of them offer retreats at the end of the festival or for the next few months. You can’t imagine how excited I was to be able to work with them, the idea of ​​being able to offer you all these new resources to help you see more clearly. I was eager to see their proposals at the end of each workshop because really, the quality of this festival, speakers bluffed me.

But I was quickly disillusioned, and I came back to why we make this blog, to the observation that I already made many times in France and elsewhere.: the price. Very few pensions that are offered by its stakeholders are financially accessible … What for me is not accessible?

2000 euros the week of retreat to understand your hidden problems, 3990 euros retreat to connect to our femininity and work on it, 5000 euros 2 weeks to train to breathing techniques, 500 dollars the private session. This is what for me is not accessible to the greatest number.

So, some might say is what you asked why this price? NO, we did not do it because we do not care about the marketing arguments already heard. This type of price is not justifiable for us. Of course, we will talk about quality and transformation and yes, we are totally sure, you will learn a lot, the benefits will be there. But sincerely, who can afford such a sum? Who can afford to put so much money into ONE aspect to work in his life? How this person will have the courage to say that it is the right thing to work, the courage to make that decision and invest in this retirement. What if it’s something else she needs? And if it was “not a priority”? Yes, because with such prices, you must choose my old man. You will not be able to relearn how to breathe and free your traumatic schemas at the same time. How can a therapist who is supposed to help people put such a barrier to the one he wants to help? Does he think this is a way to encourage him to get started and explore his inner world? No, we think this makes it even more unclear. Because we, it breaks our confidence. We feel like a slot machine, more than a person we would like to help. We dare not rely on this therapist who only sees our money. We have the impression that we are making fun of ourselves and taking advantage of our misery to fill our pockets. It may seem hard but it’s the effect that it makes us as we discover the prices that we simply do not understand. In addition to this price, it is important to remember that most people must travel to these destinations where retreats take place. And that too adds a sizeable amount to their expense. Is working on oneself the result of financial sacrifices? If the psys are reimbursed by the government in France , alternative therapies are not yet recognized, and it is a shame because everyone should be free to choose its own way towards healing. But in this case, these “alternative” therapists should also make the decision to make their care accessible because that says accessibility says test, which says test said transformation. It is in this state of mind that little by little the world can open up to this and discover that a much wider panel of possibilities offered to them. If you must pay the high price of a therapy that you do not know and that has not been proven, would you want to try it? No. We find this a shame because, on the one hand, it prevents the sufferer who has limited money (like 80% of people) to launch with confidence but also because it prevents these therapies from emerging to the public.

We think it is possible to find a balance. Some in the world do it very well and it is that we hunt with Flora: places that cure you without ruining you and that authorizes you to really invest on yourself in a healthy way.

So here is our contribution to help you with Flora. An accessible blog with the explanation of many therapies that allow you to see what exists without having to test everything. To let you see who’s calling you, to help you choose the right therapy for you. And quality places that offer tools, retreats accessible anywhere in the world to help you find what is deep inside you.

With love,

Laura & Flora

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